C. Grace opened on November 2, 2011, a combined effort of Catrina Godwin, business Owner, her children, Catherine Grace and Grier, and Matthew Bettinger, General Manager at the time.

Although the location had previously housed several bars, Catrina set out to build an interior and environment unique to the space and to Raleigh. With the re-emergence of cocktail culture being embraced in many mid-sized cities around the U.S., a cocktail-driven bar in the heart of Raleigh, NC,  seemed a logical next step for the establishment’s conceptual evolution.  C. Grace evokes memories of classic jazz clubs where the lights are low, the jazz is hot, the drinks are well-crafted and the nights, full of merriment.

Matthew brought a beverage program centered around classic cocktails, and a style of service designed to create a welcoming and neighborly environment.   The drink menu continues to change and grow as does the C. Grace family, but some things stay the same.  The cocktails are diligently concocted, the music plays five nights a week and there is always a friendly face behind the bar.