August 26

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My first time in print!  Don’t be offended if my dissertations sound critical at times.  My words are only my opinion – springing forth from my perspective.  And who am I, but a dead cat, shot by a human.  So, of course, my perspective is most certainly different than yours.

I live in a bar.  Some of the first humans that ogled me upon my arrival, and possessing little imagination, chose to call me Sprinkles.

My actual name is Felini Leopold Pantaleon Roberto DeCatacus.  Bob, for short. And if you thought cat-speak to be my only language, you obviously know little about bobcats.  We’re versatile.

Mon nom actuel est Felini Leopold Pantaleon, Roberto DeCatacus.  Bob pour faire court.  Et si vous pensiez que parler le chat était ma seule langue, vous en savez très peu sur les lynx roux.  Nous sommes polyvalents.

Felini Leopoldus est nomen meum ipsa Pantaleon Roberto DeCatacus. Bob: quoniam brevis.  Et, si manifesto cogitavi cattus loqui ad vos iritis mihi in lingua tantum parum scitis de Bobcats.  Nos es versatile.

Ang tunay kong pangalan ay Felini Leopold Pantaleon Roberto DeCatacus. Bob para sa maikli.At kung naisip mo na ang cat-magsalita na ang aking tanging wika ay malinaw na alam mo ang tungkol sa mga bobcats.  Kami ay maraming nalalaman.

il mio vero nome è Felini Leopold Pantaleon Roberto DeCatacus. Bob, in breve.  E se pensavi che il gatto fosse la mia unica lingua … ovviamente sapete poco dei gatti selvatici.  Siamo versatili.

Need I say it more?